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Welcome to MÃE birth space - I'm Soraia, a certified - and Doula UK recognised - birth and postnatal Doula, an Hypnobirthing instructor and a nourishing cook, specialising in pregnancy and postpartum.


I'm passionate about humans. I love discovering, studying and understanding how we function, how we express ourselves and how we are shaped by our experiences.

I am a human rights advocate, a shameless foodie, a birth geek and a fearless believer in the power of trusting our intuition.

In health, in birth, in life.


There is no one size fits all, so we have to do the work and explore what really matters, what fits our current needs and what is aligned with our purposes and aspirations.

I am also a functional medicine health coach, so I am particularly obsessed with postpartum nourishment. I love  cooking food that supports recovery after birth and that on itself already feels like soothing emotional support. 





If you are not familiar with what Doulas are/do a good introduction is:


Doulas are non-medical professionals that provide informational, emotional and practical support to enable you to make informed and confident decisions about all stages of your perinatal care.


As your Doula I can support you and share tools that will empower you to build a positive experience during pregnancy, birth and early parenthood/motherhood.

I trust in your innate ability to birth your baby - in whatever way you choose - to make decisions for yourself and for your baby and to listen to your intuition.


No matter what you want for your birth, I can provide advocacy and promote a safe and caring environment for you and for everyone involved in welcoming your baby.

I am available to support families online or in-person in Bristol and surroundings.


Planning and preparing to become a parent can be unsettling. As wonderful as it might feel, it is a stage that comes with a lot of pressure and responsibility.

Sometimes we manage to prepare in advance and equip ourselves with tools to support us throughout this transition, sometimes we only realise that we have lost track of who we are and of our needs long after we become parents.

Any time is the right time to create a structure that is respectful of our boundaries, that allows us to discover who we are at any stage of the motherhood/parenthood journey - even before conception.

I can support you and your family to trust your intuition when it comes to making decisions about your health, pregnancy, birth and early parenthood.


I offer guidance through the different options available to you and back it up with the latest scientific research available. And, as importantly, we can navigate together the impact and importance of the changes in your body and your emotions as you become the guardian of a whole new being.

Motherhood doula support


Our sessions with Soraia have helped us come together as a team. We built our birth plan together and understood the roles we both had to play. I felt confident in my ability to birth and safe knowing my partner was my best advocate. We practiced breathing exercises and visualisations and discussed the tools available to me.
I couldn't recommend Soraia's services enough. We felt informed, ready and empowered!

From I.

It was so helpful knowing I had you there to hear me and help advocate for what was needed. I have so much love for you, and I'm incredibly grateful for your guidance in bringing my little man into the world.

My birth plans may have changed massively but it was honestly a beautiful, albeit slightly scary experience. 

From A.

Soraia's ability to connect the dots, and to link things to what I had previously said, or what had come up was very useful. Her warmth and energy make her easy to talk to and to be inspired by.  I was able to see much more clearly where I needed to concentrate my energy and time.

From E.

 Soraia's empathy and warmth, sense of humour, and capacity for understanding all made it easy for me to both open up, and be open to hearing ways I could advocate for myself. It gave me the confidence to ask for what I needed, and therefore improve my experience.

From R.

By asking the right questions, Soraia always made sure I would think about challenges in a different way helping me to see what I really wanted and why.  Especially now, looking back on how we set up a plan together,  taking very small steps at a time, that eventually lead to such positive changes"

From F.


Hypnobirthing offers you a full birth preparation with some incredible tools to:

  • Reduce stress and anxiety

  • Feel safe, confident and empowered to pursue the birth that you want

  • Support you to find useful resources and making decisions that are right for you and your family

  • Feel relaxed and aligned with your intuition

  • Learn about birth physiology and biomechanics

  • Understand the science behind how having a positive mindset can help you regulate your nervous system

  • Recognise that you are the most important decision maker and learn how to advocate for your rights

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The best way to find out which of my Perinatal Doula support packages is the right one for you - or how we can make my support bespoke to you - is to have an initial in-person or virtual meeting. This way I get to learn a little bit about you, your specific needs and wishes and you get to understand a little bit more about me, my availability and my approach.

MÃE birth space

Bristol, UK


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