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Breastfeeding awareness week 🤱🏻

I thought I’d share with you something I wrote back in 2020, when Louie was 4-months old.

“… 3 weeks after being born, Louie was loosing weight and I was told he needed to start formula milk. It absolutely crushed me. But I did it - I was so scared to hurt him in any way. I couldn’t bare the idea of him being hungry.

It seemed that everyone around me - apart from my husband - felt that I was being stubborn and almost irresponsible for wanting to continue to exclusively breastfeed him. To them, my milk was too weak or not enough.

But we persisted and persevered, and after 2 weeks we were back at breastfeeding exclusively. I will never forget that feeling inside me, telling me to stay true to what I believed to be best for us both. I had to quickly unlearn old habits of sabotaging my fulfilment based on other people’s opinions and judgements.

I listened deeply to that voice and never looked back. This thought me something very special, for life. It made me feel like a mother, a guardian of my own intuition.

I see breast milk as a natural, bespoke and complete milk option. Readily available, free of charge, package free, a delicious milk option at a perfect temperature.

BUT still, it is an option. You might choose not to breastfeed your baby and THAT IS OK. It is your body, your freedom, your choice.

WHAT IS NOT OK is if you want to breastfeed your baby and you’re not able to due to:

- lack of support

- unhelpful comments from friends and family

- Unnecessary fear of underfeeding or starving your baby

- Cultural and societal myths, judgements and beliefs that are not based on any useful or accurate information

Because breastfeeding can be challenging enough already - the physical and psychological demand is high. It can be tough. It’s raw. It’s visceral.

Breastfeeding is a continuation of giving life itself - what a power! But if we raise women to doubt their ability to create and sustain life, we are damaging generations. If we keep telling women that their bodies are not enough - not good enough, not able enough, not strong enough - we are making them believe that THEY are not enough.”


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