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Since I can remember I was always curious and inquisitive - powerful and mysterious subjects have always fascinated me. I was privileged enough to grow up sheltered from major injustices and inequality. Or at least sheltered from realising them. Seeing the world, traveling, meeting different people and listening to their stories and experiencing my fair share of love and pain through life allowed me, bit by bit, to follow my gut and open up to others.


To listen, to advocate, to care.






I could say that I've always felt the calling to be a Doula, or to care for other women. But that's not how life unfolded for me. I wouldn't even say I always knew I wanted to be a mother. I always knew I wanted to have children, but not really to be a mother. And I learned the hard way that those are two very different things.

My son was born on the first week of the first lockdown in 2020. After a healthy, steady - but very nauseating - pregnancy. I had no time to prepare, let alone empower, myself with what I would need to be able to give birth on my own. Surrounded by fear, coldness and anxiety. Feelings that I inevitably embodied all the way to my soul, where only joy and love were needed.

That experience has changed and shaped me in ways I could have never predicted. It forced me to experience a level of vulnerability, loneliness and emptiness that I didn't think possible. But equally allowed me to discover strength, humanity, love and magic like never before.




I was as much traumatised as I was in absolute awe of what I was capable of doing. That bond, that partnership with my son had opened a layer of existence I wasn't ready for. I had to reframe and rethink who I was as a woman to discover who I was as a mother. And that is an ever changing inside universe.

Becoming a mother while physically and emotionally unsupported showed me that being literally alone while giving birth is not the only way women feel lonely in childbirth. You can give birth surrounded by people and still feel on your own. And that says more about the way women might see themselves and the way we trust ourselves and our bodies than actually about childbirth.

I couldn't see women - humans - in the same way. I felt viscerally pulled towards mysteries I had never questioned before. I started allowing the nurture that comes from being with other women, not pushing them away. I understood that my son and every other man must be part of this narrative I want to create, not excluded.

And finally, I had the moment. The aha moment - my calling, my purpose, my mission all in alignment. Birth and motherhood required from me a level of openness that was - is - not just physical. I am now ready to be that channel for others. To offer that devotion that makes you never feel alone. The eye contact, the strong heart and steady presence that makes you believe that you are capable of anything and everything.


  • Red Tent Doulas: Birth and Postnatal Doula training

  • The Birth Uprising Academy: Hypnobirthing instructor training

  • Rebozo for pregnancy and birth: The Art of Birth with Naolí Vinaver

  • Katie James IBCLC: Breastfeeding & Lactation: The fundamentals course

  • Bristol School of Shiatsu: Shiatsu Foundation course

  • Functional Medicine Coaching Academy: Certified Health Coach (FMCHC)



For over a decade I worked with wonderful companies and experienced areas such as journalism, sales, operations and management. But what always attracted and motivated me was the people.

Those humans I'm passionate about, remember? Their stories, their dreams, their unique selves. 

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