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Almost 4 years ago I went to Bali on my own for a couple of weeks. I had been planning and dreaming this trip for many years and finally got the perfect opportunity to make it happen. After a week in Hong Kong for work I made my way south and stayed put in Ubud for the whole duration of my trip. I am normally keen to get as much “done” in a place when it is my first time visiting, but this time I felt I needed something different. I didn’t want to join a retreat, so I recreated a bespoke retreat experience.

I booked a really nice villa, private room with garden and outdoors kitchen and bathroom, and a shared small pool with the next door neighbours. Idyllic.

Then I planned all my days around the following:

✨one massage or treatment

✨ one yoga or meditation session

✨ one really nourishing meal

✨ one long walk

✨ no alcohol

✨ journaling

✨ a morning ritual with a slow start, some incense and hot tea

I did it, every single day. I also didn’t speak much - which for someone like me, chatty and people oriented, is MUCH needed once in a while.

I came back home and felt like I absolutely “got it”. I had life figured out. All I needed to do was to keep my nice and slow routines, give myself plenty of opportunities of self-care and I would be fine. Always.

5 days after coming back I found out I was pregnant and spent the following 9 months vomiting and in a bubble of anxiety. First lockdown started a week before Louie was born and postpartum came at me with all its strength.

Needless to say all those big life insights were completely forgotten. There was no space, there was no time.

And here I am now, 3 years into motherhood and celebrating my 34th birthday - still dreaming about Bali. Still beyond grateful I got to experience those weeks that changed the way I see life and wellbeing.

Those life insights weren’t forgotten after all. They were just waiting for me to be ready again.

Sometimes progress takes time. Life happens, things change, priorities shift. That’s ok, there’s always another day to try again.

I finally found a morning routine that fits my new life, my family. I’m proud of that.

🥂 may this year bring me travels, wisdom and joy.

self-care, wellness, travel, doula, birth, bristol
self-care, wellness, travel, doula, birth, bristol

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