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ALMA MAE had a little revamp 💁🏻‍♀️

As I continue to discover what I have to offer and what I want to offer, this space continues to evolve.

I used to be ashamed of how often I change my mind about things. Not the big things, like my values, but the small details, the ways to do something, the shape and form of any project. I thought it would make me look inconsistent.

The same with jobs, for a long time my main anxiety at job interviews was that people would find my journey too wriggly and unreliable. Then one day I found out that it only mirrored who I was. Versatile, adaptable, curious, unafraid of change. I learned to be proud of it.

It takes time to trust. It takes time to accept that to stay authentic we must compromise on how people will judge us. It’s hard.

But here I am, trying to stay true to the journey I want to be in, trying to trust my intuition. Reminding myself why I believe in what I want to offer.

Welcome to MAE, a birth space 💜

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