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Birth matters to everyone

Feminism and any other gender based discussions have not been helping birth education enough to have a seat at the table - in my view.

Birth is a collective, universal and gender neutral issue. It’s everyone’s responsibility to take part in it - even if that means staying out of it - because not everyone gives birth but everyone is born. One way or another we all started our little journey in this world through birth.

We all deserve to be born in safety. We all deserve to be born in peace. We all deserve to be born in respect. We all deserve to be born through humans that feel safe, at peace and respected. At the very least.

It’s time we normalise birth education - make it accessible, accurate and empowering. Birth education is life education, parenting education, mental health education.

So let’s have those conversations and let go of the fear, insecurity and scarcity narratives.

Our whole life is impacted by birth, forever. That matters.

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