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Eating foods you love with pleasure is part of a happy life

There's just so much fluff and unsupported health advise going around in social media these days that it is easy to let the guilt and shame creep in. Forgetting that it is our right to enjoy food is a massive downside of the diet culture we live in. The pursuit of 'clean' eating habits normally comes with restrictions that not always satisfy us and promote healthy behaviours overall. Health is not one-sided, health is not a standard prescription to everyone. Let's embrace our unique tastes, pleasures and choices and honour all of it.

Here are some points we must understand in order to promote healthy behaviours when it comes to food:

- Enjoying all foods without shame and guilt is a human right.

- We don’t need to add unnecessary stress to our body and mind restricting certain foods.

- Eating foods labeled as ‘bad’ does not undo any of the other actions we take to look after our health.

- We don’t need to ‘treat’ ourselves to anything. We can just eat it.

- We deserve to build a positive relationship with all kinds of foods.

- We deserve enjoyment, pleasure and fun everyday.

Unconditional permission to eat is the foundation to a balanced, sustainable and healthy life.

🥐 Who’s with me on the pleasure of dunking croissant in coffee? 🥐

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