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Looking for a pick me up?

Here’s a delicious and simple open sandwich, packed with iron and protein - perfect during pregnancy and postpartum (rule of thumb!)

1. Make sure your bread is packed with seeds, that adds a world of goodness.

2. I like the binding of the mayo, but you can skip it. I try to use good quality mayo, vegan or with eggs. Hummus or yogurt would work nicely too!

3. Wilt/sauté the spinach, just with some salt and pepper. Add lemon and garlic if you want.

4. Slice the tofu, remove excess water with some kitchen towel, add to a frying pan with some good quality olive oil to fry for 2-3 min on each side until golden. At the end add soy sauce and let us reduce for some seconds.

5. Fry an egg. I like to add sea salt flakes and Aleppo chilly.

It also does wonders for your kitchen too - you can use one frying pan for all it. First the spinach, then the tofu and then the egg. Voilà!

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