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My aha moment

This weekend I’ll finish (or start?) my doula certification. And as I write new content for the website to include - and mainly blend - this service, I can’t stop myself from reliving key moments that made me go on this journey.

Becoming a mother had been both traumatising and magical. I remember so vividly being in absolute awe of what I was capable, what my body was capable of doing. And at the same time so confused, so vulnerable and empty.

I started motherhood unsupported and alone. My son was born on the first week of the first lockdown in 2020, and I wasn’t allowed a partner in hospital with me. That experience has changed and shaped me in ways I could not have predicted.

Being physically and emotionally unsupported in such a vulnerable time showed me that being literally alone while giving birth is not the only way for women to feel lonely in childbirth. You can be surrounded by people and still feel on your own.

And that says more about the way women might see themselves, the way society sees women and the way we learn to trust ourselves and our bodies than actually childbirth.

Becoming a Doula has been my aha moment - my calling, my purpose, my mission all in alignment. I just can’t wait to fully embrace it ✨

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