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I’ve been reflecting on the subtleties of life. The fine lines of language, of judgment, of embodiment of what we believe in.

So many times we stop ourselves from saying something because we are afraid of saying the ‘wrong’ thing, the less adequate and inclusive thing. We are anxious about not knowing enough, not having authority enough, not having experience or expertise enough.

And so many times we say, comment, think or feel things based on our own limited perspective. Most times without meaning any harm. But still, checking in with ourselves, with how we approach others, with what language we use, can make a huge difference. Training compassion, empathy and genuine lack of negative judgment.

Not being afraid to fail, not being afraid to apologise, not being afraid open discussion and dialogue is so important. So needed.

And the line between an open communication with freedom of speech and a defensive/finger-pointing communication can be subtle and at the same time so palpable.

On my little corner, I’m trying to always check in on a respectful, kind and long-term approach. Not always succeeding, but always trying.

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