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The speed of time, the certainty of the seasons 🌿☀️🍂❄️

And just like that, half of this year is gone. I found myself reflecting yesterday about the perspective, or sensation, we get each year of the speed of which the year goes by.

I’m pretty sure I have conversations every new year about how everyone felt THAT was the fastest year of their life. And of course it wasn’t. It was just as fast as any other year before. So what happens for us to feel that way?

My conclusion (it’s just a ramble, really) is that maybe it is a perspective based on how we collect ‘data’ with each year that passes. Data from the seasons. So we add certainties to our experiences. Like each season we learn something and remember something from the same season the years before.

So in a way, our memories, our nostalgia, is most times a collection of pieces from the seasons. How cold it was in that winter, how much it rained in June, how many heatwaves in the summer, how strange it was that there was snow in February. And so it goes.

That collective of memories makes us live life faster, as if we know what’s going to happen. Only to find out once in a while that we know close to nothing, and that all that data means very little if not paired with old wisdom, trust in our intuition and true connection to our communities.

So my wish is that I/we can remember this more often, and gently slow down, fearlessly questioning everything along the way.

To savor time.

To embrace the wild side of life.

To consider the unexpected and the unpredictable as a certainty as well.

And a step further than that is to remember that one can only live the seasons of their life once. So that data, those certainties, those reassurances, can only be found in the ones that came before us.

To trust on that, we are asked so much humbleness and so much acceptance. It’s something I’m still working on, everyday. To strengthen that belief and to surrender to that knowledge.


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