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Why you deserve a Doula

Doulas offer emotional, physical, informational and practical support, focusing primarily on the birthing person.

What does that mean? And how does that translate in your birth experience?

✔️Doulas remind you that you matter. We know you love and prioritise your baby, so you don’t have to justify or validate that in order to matter in the process.

✔️Doulas believe that your life, your safety, your dignity, your wishes, your rights and your intuition should always be respected and valued.

✔️ Doulas protect your birth space. And not only when you’re in labour. We listen to you deeply and have your back from the moment you invite us into your journey and we’ll fence your dream birth as much as possible.

✔️ Doulas help you navigate your options. We’ll look for data and the latest research on anything and everything that might make a difference to you and help you understand what’s available to you.

✔️Doulas can contribute to lowering your chances of birth interventions, such as inductions, instrumental birth and cesarean birth (when these are not your birth preferences, obviously)

✔️ Doulas are linked to many mental and physical health benefits, such as lower chances of postnatal depression, reducing the need for pain relief and successful rates of establishing breastfeeding (if, once again, that is your choice).

✔️ Doulas can support you when your closest family isn’t around. We can’t replace your loved ones, but we can offer you the warmth, connection, understanding and care.

✔️ Doulas support your birth partner to support you. We understand what’s important to you and we help your birth partner prepare in the best way possible to be present for you, offering you the care you need.

✔️Doulas feel like and act like community. And everyone deserves to feel connected, valued and supported by their community.

You got this, and we got you 💃🏻

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